Thursday, May 13, 2010

Since I last posted.........

Hmmmm.......March 8th to May 17th is a very long stretch of time with no blogs posted. I hope you have not given up on me! So let's catch up! When I last posted, I was about to go to Alabama to babysit my twin grand daughters. What a great week with those two sweethearts! They were just on the verge of walking and it was amazing to me how many times they plopped down HARD on their bottoms, jarring every bone in their bodies, and yet didn't cry! I hate to think what would happen to us if we crashed like they did! I've posted a couple of pictures for you to enjoy. I love the one of them looking out the window and especially the sweet picture of their granddad (who is fondly called "Cool Pop" by our other 5 older grands) reading them a bed time story.

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