Monday, November 22, 2010


Zeeeesh! I can't believe I have been gone for so long - and I apologize! I thought about posting a whole bunch of photos to help catch up but somehow photos of the beach seemed a little silly now with the smell of woodsmoke and the chill of the coming winter in the air (thank goodness!!) as Thanksgiving approaches! I love, love, love this time of year - even when the sky is a chilly gray and it might be drizzling. Good stitching weather!

Suffice it to say my month - long "retreat" on the Cape was just what the proverbial doctor ordered and when I finally returned home the middle of October, I was well restored and sated with feelings of well-being, inner peace and calm. However, since my oldest grandchild's 9th birthday party was the day after I got home, all the inner peace and calm were short lived!! (Well, not really - but it sure was a loud and chaotic party!)'s back to the reality and stress of too much to cram into these days. And then I found myself having to deal with some nasty, volatile family issues that are tearing us all apart. Oh to be back on the peaceful beach playing with Andy, without a care in the world - except deciding what to have for dinner, - or sitting in my favorite meditation spot! Escaping there doesn't get anything resolved here though, so onward we go.

 Meanwhile, even though it is really hard, at times, to focus and stay on task much less feel creative, I'm trying to work every spare minute on designs and directions for a new teaching project. This particular class will involve constructing a sewing box with a removable tray insert, finishing it and creating the accessories to go in it. I'm hoping to have lots of opportunities to teach the class in many places across the country.

Other designs that are still works in progress as well are a wedding/house blessing sampler (which will remind you of the section I created for "A Noble Pursuit"), a companion piece to the Victorian motto I reproduced a couple of years ago, and one or two other small designs. I'm not a particularly prolific designer and it took awhile to get back to designing after being away from it for a year (again, family commitments to honor), so I don't have a vast store of new stuff to show in Nashville. But what I do have, I hope everyone likes!! I will show glimpses of these projects as they are finished, then please watch for them on my web site right before Nashville Market.

Well, in spite of all our worries, frustrations, difficulties and troubles, I feel very fortunate  to be living in this beautiful country, and for whatever that means for each of us, I hope you find lots to be grateful and thankful for.

So I wish all of you a blessed and happy time with loved ones this Thanksgiving. Be safe in your travels and eat all the turkey, stuffing and dessert you want - just this once! And for heaven's sake, don't forget the chocolate - or the wine - or both, if you prefer! :-)