Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some more "Summer Fun" and then...........back to work!

Do you believe it is still so hot .........97 degrees in the shade today, again, and it's now September 2!!!! Aaarrrrrghhh! This past week, I've had the twins here for a few days before I head north to my Cape Cod. house. I thought I'd show you some of our fun in spite of the heat. Our typical day started with breakfast al fresca on the porch. I took this picture before they started to eat. They eat with their fingers and the end of the meal is not a pretty sight! After dressing for the day in bathing suits - the coolest clothing next to nothing at all - we had great fun stacking blocks with the greatest of care..........
with intense, focused concentration, sloooooowly pulling our hands away.......
and carefully added MORE!
We gently stacked the BIG blocks as high as we could reach.......
squealed "yea!" when the tower stayed up, and laughed hysterically when it fell!
Then the rock and roll music from the guitar on the chair was just too enticing (we had been listening to it play over and over and over........)so we just had to practice some movin' and groovin' and shakin' our serious and so funny!
After all that exercise, it was sprinkler and pool time. The wagon HAD to be in the pool too, even though it took up most of the room! (oops - the picture disappeared! Darn - it was cute! Sorry!)
We had lots of fun those three days and I will miss these two little ones while I'm on the Cape.
After they left for home, I FINALLY got back to my desk today and put the final "tweaks" on a new sampler design. I plan on stitching it - and finishing it (?) - this month while I'm you-know-where! At last my post has something to do with stitching! (oops again - see below!)
The heat must be affecting my nascent(sp?) posting skills bc I wasn't completely finished! Humph! Anywasy, this is where is park my self for hours on end (oooooh - no pun intended!)and try to master the art of designing. This next design will be a wedding sampler or house blessing or family record or - whatever you want it to be and I'll be releasing it at the February 2011 Needlework Market in Nashville. Perhaps if all goes well, I'll post a preview picture stay tuned! Meanwhile, I need to check the weather reports and news very often these next couple of days and hope, hope, hope that Cape Cod doesn't sustain a lot of damage from "Earl". My house is not near enough to the water to be in any danger of flood damage, but we have a lot of shallow rooted scrub pine around us. I hope they stay off the roof!!! A part of me wants to be there in the house - hurricanes are an awesome thing to witness, and if one is on high ground and safe, it is a powerful experience. I'll have to rely on the t.v. reports this time, though! Have a safe Labor Day weekend wherever you may be. Meanwhile.........."do something fun for is short, even in its longest days." Cathy