Thursday, September 2, 2010

The heat must be affecting my nascent(sp?) posting skills bc I wasn't completely finished! Humph! Anywasy, this is where is park my self for hours on end (oooooh - no pun intended!)and try to master the art of designing. This next design will be a wedding sampler or house blessing or family record or - whatever you want it to be and I'll be releasing it at the February 2011 Needlework Market in Nashville. Perhaps if all goes well, I'll post a preview picture stay tuned! Meanwhile, I need to check the weather reports and news very often these next couple of days and hope, hope, hope that Cape Cod doesn't sustain a lot of damage from "Earl". My house is not near enough to the water to be in any danger of flood damage, but we have a lot of shallow rooted scrub pine around us. I hope they stay off the roof!!! A part of me wants to be there in the house - hurricanes are an awesome thing to witness, and if one is on high ground and safe, it is a powerful experience. I'll have to rely on the t.v. reports this time, though! Have a safe Labor Day weekend wherever you may be. Meanwhile.........."do something fun for is short, even in its longest days." Cathy

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