Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What looks like crazy and busy....IS!

Nashville Market is over for another year and what a great market it was! Even though there seemed to be fewer vendors and shops in attendance, it was wonderful to see old friends and make new ones! Less crowded exhibits allowed us to see more, share more and generally talk with everyone more! It was lots and lots of fun. A big thank you to everyone who came into my exhibit! I really enjoyed seeing you all.

Somewhere along the way on the trip home from Nashville Monday night, I picked up a nasty stomach and intestinal bug, and by Tuesday afternoon, I was flat out  on the sofa. Next day, same thing. Finally by Thursday, after several cups of ginger lemon tea (wonderful stuff!!!!!) the head and stomach stopped pounding and gurgling, and I felt once again somewhat human. That bug was nasty! Are "bugs" getting worse or am I getting older? Anyway, feeling much better on Thursday, I got much of the pre-market mess in the house under control, and brought it back from its very "h...-in-a-hand-bucket" condition. It looked like a war -zone and I HATE so much out-of-control clutter and mess! body gets back on track and the house follows suit....Life is good!

Next job: fill the bird feeders. Both the little guys and the big ones (like squirrels!) ravaged the feeders while I was away and they were very empty. When filled, I came back inside and watched while everyone found lunch. But when I tried to take some pictures, they sensed my motion at the window and took off. Of course, Andy, who follows me like a shadow, was standing there as well. He must have heard the cat who lives three houses away, walking around outside (he certainly can't see it) and went into fits of barking to go out, which of course sent the birds up and away. Again! I was hoping to get some pictures of the flock of Eastern Mtn.Bluebirds that have been frequenting the feeders all winter. I have never had them in my yard - I thought they were a summer bird. What a treat to see their bright blue and rust coloring against the white snow!

So at last the car was completely unloaded, the boxes and equipment  put away for another year,and the house in some sort of reasonable order. After two separate birthday parties for various grands Saturday and Sunday, Sunday night I gathered up an antique sampler to reproduce and the supplies necessary to create new ideas for future designs, and packed it all into the car along with Andy and his gear (and my stuff) and finally headed for the Cape on Monday. Too cold, you say? Well, you know "they" say it never rains on the golf course (I wouldn't know - I'm not a golfer!) but I say it's never too cold to be on the Cape! Just bundle up! I know for sure the dog will be in the water - and yes, that IS cold!

So off I went to my Cape Cod spot to hopefully find inspiration, refreshment and renewal. I'm sure all beach-lovers know exactly what I mean. I've been here one day and already I can feel the tightness inside unwinding and loosening up. Goodbye stress! The peace is settling in and I'm ready to get to work. Actually it's not work - it's an interesting, most-of-the-time fun process to sit back and see what design takes shape out of a sketchy idea or two!

Until next time, enjoy stitching your new projects ........................

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