Monday, March 8, 2010

And I'm back......

It was a cold and VERY windy ten days on the Cape, but I loved it all! I got work done, some wedding things arranged and met with a couple of great friends for beach walks, etc. It was a very restorative time! There were some snow showers and for three days lots and lots of rain combined with a full moon, so, oh boy! the creeks did rise! Sadly, the extremely high tides erroded the beaches down to almost nothing on both the bayside and the ocean and lots of bird and turtle nesting ground was lost. I hope it builds back in at least for the summer sunbathers as the Cape's economy depends on the tourists. I braved the lashing rain and wind to take some pictures, so I'll see what computer skills I can find to post them for you. The dog is my best four-legged friend, Andy. He owns the beach (as you can tell, no?) and loves to go in the car every where I go...and THAT is how he sits when he rides - arm on the arm rest, gazing at the scenery! Goofy, goofy guy! Tomorrow, I'm off again - this time to Alabama to stay with my one-year-old twin granddaughters for a week while their Mom and Dad get a well-earned break at a medical convention in New Orleans. Hopefully, I'll be able to get on their computer, so I won't feel quite so isolated from you all and needlework land. Then finally, I return home on the 15th to get more important wedding details taken care of - like buying something to wear! First purchase, I have to start with getting some new"underwear" and we all know just how much fun THAT shopping experience is. Ranks right up there with bathing suit shopping! :( Blagh! The rest will be easy - and hopefully more fun!) IMPORTANT NOTE: in "LOVE to ONE" the Crescent Colour, Copper should read Colonial Copper. I hope that clears up the confusion for you. I apologize for my over-sight and the frustration it has caused. I hope Spring is springing wherever you are - it's a beautiful day here today! I must go out and measure the daffodil and tulip sprouts! Til later, Cathy p.s. All the pictures posted in the reverse order I intended and I don't know how to fix it. Oh well. I'll try to do better next time!

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